Supplementary material for the paper

Effects of the Time Points Measurement on the Reconstruction of Gene Regulatory Networks

Wenying Yan, Huangqion Zhu, Yang Yang, Jiajia Chen, Yuanyuan Zhang and Bairong Shen*

Center for Systems Biology, Postbox 206, Soochow University, 1st Shizi street,, Suzhou 215006, Jiangsu, China

E-mail: bairong.shen(at)

*corresponding author


All the related R scripts used in this article are listed as follows.


1.  Reconstruction of  the the Arabidopsis gene regulatory networks by R package G1DBN.



2.      Network Structure Analysis: diameter, average path length, Centralization, Clustering coefficient, etc.



3.      Calculation of sensitivity, precision and F_measure.

(Network-analysis-2.R )


4.      Identification of the edges (gene regulations) which exists in more than one networks and calculation of the number of overlapping edges among different networks.