Overview of CVDncR

What is the CVDncR?

CVDncR(Non-coding RNA related to cardiovascular diseases) is a database of manually collected data used to present non-coding RNA related to cardiovascular disease, especially microRNA, long non-conding RNA and circular RNA.It provides non-coding RNA for 23 different cardiovascular diseases, detail related information is covered as well. As for now, the database has already included 426 microRNA entries, 99 long non-coding RNA and 24 circular RNA entries.

How to use?

The database offers functions are followed:
① A brief introduction about the database
② A chart depicting the growth trend of the article
③ Links to other related databases
④ Statistical results of information that has been collected

① Two different way to browse the entries, "cardiovasculer diseases" or "non-coding RNA"
② The detailed information of each items can be acquired by clicking the “more” button at the end of the entry(Figure 1)
③ Ternary networks  
If something new have discovered or what the CVDncR missed, please tell us by the page of 'Submit', remember to write down your email, once the submission approved by us, the record will be listed in the database.

CVDncR offers convenience for direct search by the page of "Search",input the non-coding RNA name and disease name, corresponding results will be gengrated in a new window.

CVDncR is available to use and download. By visiting the "Download" page of database, users can acquire all curated entries which related to cardiovascular diseases.