iODA, short for integrative Omics Data Analysis, is an evidence-based bioinformatics model and software tool for omics data analysis.

iODA is a graphical user interface (GUI) local tool with the aim of integrating and analyzing data sets including mRNA, microRNA (miRNA), and protein–DNA interaction (chromatin immunoprecipitation followed by high-throughput sequencing, ChIP-Seq) for pathway consistency (Figure 1).

It has five main functions:
1. Selection of statistical algorithms based on the input profiles to find one that is global optimal for differential molecule extraction.
2. Significant pathway identification based on the detected DE-genes and identified targets of DE-miRNAs.
3. Significant pathway identification based on transcript factor binding sites (ChIP-Seq data).
4. Single-level pathway consistency analysis using the significant pathways that were identified from different data sets.
5. Meta-analysis on the screened pathways and gathered items that are consistent for different levels of data.
Figure 1. The working pipeline of iODA.
1. The Java executable file:
2. The example data:
3. The tutorial file:   iODA
4. The case study results:
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