MIRKB Tutorial

December 31, 2019

The web framework of the MIRKB has six components, including ‘Home’ page, ‘Search’ page, ‘MI introduction’ page, ‘Submission’ page, ‘Download’ page and 'Help' page. Functions of MIRKB and usage of each function is as follows:

1. Home

The ‘Home’ page for providing brief introduction of MIRKB.

2. Search

We provide three different search options for users to search the data: Browse Search, Key Word Search, and Advanced Search. To search the data collected in MIRKB, choose the menu "Search".

(1) Browse Search

To browse the data in MIRKB, first, choose the factor classification/MI type you are interested in (Figure 1b); second, the interface will skip to the information page (Figure 1d) once you click one of the results in the result list (Figure 1c).

Figure 1 Search

(2) Keyword Search

The database can be searchable using the factor name, objective, region and reference (including first author’s name, published journal, and year of research): first, select a field you are interested in from drop down box; second, input a keyword and then click the “search” button, then you'll get the result. If you want to try a new search, just click on "reset". (Figure 1d)

(3) Advanced Search

The “advanced” button can be clicked to enter the advanced search interface (Figure 1a). Advanced search is a more powerful method for querying a database. You can combine and specify different search terms to get more accurate results (Figure 2).

Figure 2 Advanced Search

(3) Tool

MIRKB also provides a web tool for data statistics. If you want to use this tool, you need to click “Tool” link (Figure 1a), and then the web page will jump into the “Tool” page (Figure 3). First and foremost, You need to choose a type of MI. And then, choose the research population and the application of factors which you want to. Finally, choose one of the buttons to draw the chart you want.

Figure 3 Tool

3. MI Introduction

The MI Introduction page has a navigation bar and an information box (Figure 3). A detailed introduction to MI can be accessed by clicking on the left navigation bar to enter Wikipedia. You can also read the information box on the right side to get a detailed description of the types of MI.

Figure 3 MI Introduction

4. Submission

You can contribute to the project by submitting new data related to MI, which can be uploaded via the online submission form and added to the database for review through our careful review.

5. Download

The Download page is available for downloading all data in MIRKB.

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